July 20


Money Saving Tips GANGING jobs

As one of Indianapolis’ largest commercial printers, HardingPoorman Group offers many ways to save money on printing costs.  Ways such as frequency and quantity discounts, printing repeat jobs on an as-needed basis, or by using our house stock.

One of HPG’s favorite money saving tips is to “gang” print jobs. Since you pay pre-production fees on EACH job, why not group as many printing jobs together as possible? Called “ganging”, printing multiple jobs at the same saves you money on so many levels:

  • Save pre-production set up charges (make-ready costs)
  • Save energy
  • Save on paper usage
  • Save on cutting, printing & delivery

Plan for your printing in groups by season, by quarter, or by the year.

Since most paper stocks have a minimum order, using the same paper for multiple items can save you even more.

Use HPG’s “house stock” – a paper we always keep on hand and buy in bulk.  Our bright white, recycled house stock is an economic option we offer at a low rate.

Plan ahead and let us help you stretch your printing budget at HardingPoorman Group.


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