August 16


10 things to consider before ordering event signage

As one of Indianapolis’ largest commercial printers, HardingPoorman Group has decades of experience with large scale special events. Although we’re not in the event PLANNING business, we are part of the event PRINTING business.

Our signage has graced every imaginable type of trade show, exhibit, awards presentation, and sporting event including the SuperBowl.  We can help you with the details.

What should you consider before ordering event signage? Here are 10 experienced considerations:

  • Know your event space. How many cubic feet of booth space will you have? Allow for foot traffic. How much wall space is allotted to you? Do you have to share side-walls with another vendor?
  • Think creatively. If everyone else will be hanging signs, can you use floor graphics, 3-D signs or even rotating or oscillating signage?
  • Know the rules.  Each event has rules & restrictions on how exhibitors can post, prop or hang your signage.
  • How will it be lit? Consider placement of outlets and lighting.
  • Does signage need to be all-weather friendly? Everyone thinks of rain for outside events, but few factor in strong winds, which can ruin signage in a few seconds unless you prepare in advance.
  • Considering oversize signage? Make sure you have the means & strength to hang it, deliver it, and then take it down and store it.
  • Consider logistics. Find out which dock or gate accept deliveries and provide your vendor with your booth number so your delivery won’t get misplaced.
  • Plan ahead. If your items can deliver early, this may save you hassle, worry, and time.
  • Group together your event printing needs. Having one vendor take care of everything saves money and ensures that all items match perfectly.
  • Have a back up plan.  Bring extra tape, rope, scissors, hammers, wire, nails, and light bulbs!

At HPG, we pride ourselves on helping event organizers save time, money –and provide helpful ideas to keep their event on track and profitable.


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