August 21


6 ways to make an impact at your next trade show

There are times when you want to blend in, and times when you need to stand out. Doing a trade show? Standing out is vital. Here’s how:

  • Think custom. Round booths instead of square, asymmetrical shapes, attention getting angles that pull the eye into your booth, your product.
  • Think bright. UV inks pop in luminescent colors. Plus they dry on contact on virtually any substrate, so they don’t lose their punch.
  • Go oversize. Print floor-to-ceiling banners or signs to grab attention.
  • Get underfoot. Why not welcome foot traffic with a floor graphic? It’s unexpected and memorable.
  • Think 3-D.  Try utilizing pop-up displays. Hang them, drape them, put them on a table, or make them free-standing.
  • Light things up.  Brilliant color light box panels and back-lit displays add drama and maximum impact.

Maximize your wow-factor.

HPG can work with your best products and quirkiest ideas.


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