August 2


A call to action

Ads, posters, direct mail, billboards, and trade show displays all have something in common:  their intent is to direct attention to a product or company. The best way to do this AND get results is a great call to action.

Simple and straightforward, the best call to action nudges your buyer toward taking an intended action; for instance calling a toll-free number, scanning a QR code, emailing, or visiting your web site.

The best calls to action have a few things in common:

  • Urgency. They give readers a reason to take action NOW. A toll-free number to call, a giveaway, a sale end date, that sort of thing.
  • Simple and Clear Language. Not just clarity on what’s being offered, but also why customers should want it, and how they can get it. (
  • Benefit-driven Message. Your call to action should always answer, “What’s in it for me?” For example, “Scan the QR code to find out what specialized inks were used on this brochure.”

Your printer can help you create urgency and attention with bold use of color, typography, and graphics. Ask your HPG rep for more ideas to make your next printed piece even more impactful.


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