August 29


Angry Birds take over Indianapolis commercial printer!

It is officially 2013 calendar season here at HardingPoorman Group and we are busy as… well, bunnies. And Angry Birds and even zombies!  That’s because HPG is running our UV offset press overtime, producing these Happy Bunny, Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds 2013 calendars.

You may soon see these in stores such as Wal-Mart or Barnes & Noble, perhaps as early as next month. Even the calendar kiosks at malls around the city are stocking them for the upcoming holidays.

Because HPG uses UV inks which dry instantaneously, the calendar sheets are dry before they come off the press. That means printing is fast and smear-free – and we can ship them directly to the supplier in record-time.

The process:

HPG prints each calendar sheet with multiple images to utilize the entire sheet, with close to zero wasted paper.  Once all the sheets are printed, they will be cut down to individual pages and then collated together in sets for each month. Another machine punches the collated sheets with holes, and automatically spiral binds them.

We make it our business to stay ahead of the calendar with every project at HPG.


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