August 29


HPG keeps students organized with planning calendars

HardingPoorman Group is a top-producer of yearly school planning calendars. Many of these high school and college planning calendars are passed out or sold at schools right here in town, and others find their way to campuses across the country.

One of the reasons HPG gets tapped for so many of these calendars is that we’ve become known for our production standards:

* As an Indianapolis-based commercial printer, we produce hundreds of thousands every year (this year our total was 600,000!)

* Our planners are well designed, printed with the same inside pages but different environmentally friendly recycled plastic covers – each bearing the school insignia of its alma mater

* HPG not only prints, but also assembles, binds, and ships planners directly to the schools – saving time and money.

These planning calendars are a great way to help students stay organized.   What do you print to help keep your business organized?”


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