September 6


Newest HPG wide format printer opens the door to printing on wide, thick, rigid materials

Our restaurant customers can now print menus and marketing materials directly on their tabletops. Schools and office complexes can print directly on doors up to 2.5” thick.


HardingPoorman is now equipped to tackle a host of unusual and formerly un-printable materials, from wood to plastic, heavy Styrofoam to metals, even clear materials. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Our new HP Scitex UV hybrid printer (click HERE to see a YouTube video) was purchased to eliminate the tedious “print and mount” process of printing on paper or plastic, which was in turn mounted to another material. By enabling printing directly to any number of rigid materials up to 2 ½ inches in thickness and up to 98” in width, The new hybrid printing process is quick, efficient, and opens up printing to a variety of creative printing ideas.


Plus, UV inks used on this printer dry immediately on any material. They are environmentally friendly, too, releasing no VOCs into the atmosphere. This new technology fits right into our clean energy, low carbon footprint sustainability plan.

The printer’s extra wide bed can accommodate multiple copies of the same job – or different jobs – and run them simultaneously. That means higher work capacity and faster turn-around on customer jobs.

What could your business do, knowing you could print on any rigid material up to 2.5” thick and 98” long?


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