September 25


The power of Direct Mail


Direct mail is a powerful sales tool, especially when it comes to return on investment (ROI).

Case in point: According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in 2010, every dollar spent on direct marketing advertising resulted in $12.57 in direct marketing-driven sales, on average (source: DMA, The Power of Direct Marketing, 2009-2010.)

After experiencing declines from 2007 through 2009, direct mail marketing is on the rebound and expected to continue. Spending on direct mail is expected to increase just under 6% this year, to $47 billion dollars, according to Marketing Powers Activate and The Print Council. This increase is largely due to a spike in retail, automotive and financial service industries.

With low cost, bulk commercial postal rates, and a wide variety of ways to produce high quality mailers, what are you waiting for?



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