September 20


Why fugitive glue is a direct mail favorite

Need a way to get your next direct mail piece to “stick” in your customers’ minds? Try fugitive glue.

You probably know fugitive glue as that sticky, roll-off-with-your-fingers goo that is commonly used for business mailings. It has an odd name for sure, but when it comes to direct mail, the post office and businesses love it!

Why? Because fugitive glue is an ideal solution for easily attaching items like free samples, credit cards, coupons and other special offers without ripping, perforating or tearing the direct mail piece.

HPG has a fugitive glue system that has helped our customers in some important ways.

Since the post office changed their requirements on booklet mailings, requiring all mailed booklets to utilize three wafer seals, the result can be frustrating to open and ugly to design around. Fugitive glue provides a better way and sticks :

  • It won’t cover up important print or design features of a mailer like wafer seals can.
  • Fugitive glue is available in low tack and super-sticky formulas, so mailers stay closed, and offers are easily removed.
  • It’s light-weight and made of 100% eco-friendly materials.
  • HPG fugitive glue meets all USPS mailing requirements.

What can fugitive glue do to help make your next direct mail campaign stick?


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