October 7


USPS Certifies HPG Staff as Mail Design Professionals

Four HardingPoorman Group staff members are now officially certified by the United States Postal Service as Mail Design Professionals, the only certification program approved by the USPS®. Our newly certified industry expert team includes Debbie Hinton, Tom Zehr, Trina Van Blaricum, and Shane Van Fossan.

What training does a Mail Design Professional get?

The course helps professionals maximize their proficiency in designing letter and flat-size mail to meet USPS standards. The course includes:

  • Postal addressing standards
  • Classes of mail and processing categories
  • POSTNET™, Intelligent Mail®, parcel barcode formats, and print specifications
  • Designing automation letters and flats (tabbing, polywrap, deflection, flexibility, etc.)
  • Reply mail (Business, Courtesy, Meter, Permit Reply and Merchandise Return Service)
  • Address Information products and Move Updates

The HPG Mail Team continues to increase their knowledge as the Post Office makes significant changes in the way they handle and process business mailings. By making sure our mailing team stays on top of certification, HPG can provide our clients with more information, better savings, and better resources for their bulk mailings.

Congrats to our newly minted and certified HPG Mail Team!


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