November 1


Unique event signage gets noticed

This summer, Indianapolis was so incredibly hot and dry that many outside events were postponed for the cooler fall weather. This means events, festivals, fundraisers and corporate galas are everywhere you look this fall.

How can your organization rise above the fray, command attention, and drive more folks to your event?

We recommend beginning to plan your outside event around the lay of the land. Think about traffic patterns – foot traffic flow as well as parking needs – and plan for all weather conditions (wet, dry and windy!) Think about signage that works with not only the grounds, but also surrounding buildings and border areas, major thoroughfares nearby, and consider the number of people you are expecting.

Then begin to think creatively to set the tone for your event. Signage can act as attention-getters, theme decoration, AND can provide important event information. Horizontal banners are great standards, but there are also newer, more attention-getting (and low cost) options such as teardrop flags, hanging banners, flags of every shape and size, and directional or sidewalk signs. Choose attention-getting colors that stand apart from the usual fall colors.

HPG can help you make your event a success by recommending new inks, new materials, and new products to get your event messaging across. We even have a creative team to help you design, and can deliver your materials directly to your event to free up your time to check off the hundreds of other items on your event to-do list.


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