November 15


HPG granted ISO 9001:2008 re-certification

HardingPoorman Group is pleased to report that our annual three-day ISO 9001:2008 audit has ended and re-certification has been granted by the NQA, an independent ISO Certifying Body.

We choose to go through this re-certifying process each year, making sure as a company, we stay true to our Quality Management System.

This year HPG met the challenge with zero major non-conformances, zero minor non-conformances, and zero observations (of potential problems). Besides our plant’s cleanliness and organization, the NQA auditor also praised several aspects of our Quality Management system:

  • The shared metrics and detailed direct feedback discussed with customers during client business reviews.
  • HPG’s continued participation in a rigorous internal audit process.
  • Our HR department’s creative integration of quality training and individual performance improvement.
  • Company-wide commitment to attaining measurable quality objectives.
  • The abundance of metrics we freely share for controlling and monitoring processes.
  • Our excellence in the pursuit of root causes and application of effective corrective actions.

The bottom line is that due to our excellent performance, HardingPoorman Group not only passed this audit with flying colors, but, according to our written performance appraisal, “Of the 150-plus companies that are audited, HPG is either number one or number two – clearly among the best I’ve ever seen”.


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