November 8


Indianapolis printer explains cost savings of “Print On Demand”

On-demand print and distribution services can be a great tool for those who need a cost effective way to handle printing and shipping on an as needed basis.

What is “print on-demand” or “on-demand printing?” And how can it help your business save time and money? Printing limited quantities on short order (generally within 24-48 hours) is called “print on-demand.” When smaller quantities of printed materials are needed on a regular basis, on-demand printing helps with work and cash flow. Here’s how:

  • Your business only prints what is needed, when it’s needed.
  • Frequent changes and updates? No problem.
  • Your money is not sitting idle on inventory shelves.
  • Reduce freight and distribution costs with online ordering and shipping at the time of printing.

What’s more, your business can set-up an automated system to update, handle and distribute what is needed on a regular basis. Print on demand services can provide a cost effective solution to order, update, print, distribute and ship, all from our Indianapolis printing headquarters. We guarantee it prints out right and ships on time.

On-demand printing is another way HardingPoorman Group can help change the way you think about printing. How can we help you?


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