December 24


How to use FTP at HPG

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the most reliable methods of sending large files across the Internet. As such, we use it a lot here at HardingPoorman.

Here’s why:

  • FTP allows businesses and individuals to send much larger files than can be emailed.
  • Using FTP, you can upload large, production-ready print files into a private, secure folder that the print team at HPG can easily access.
  • Every client or user has a unique login username and password to our FTP server, so there is never any confusion about your print job, and your information is secure.
  • HPG’s web-based FTP client allows you to upload files without the time and hassle required to install and download an FTP stand-alone.

Of course, if you prefer to use a stand-alone, that’s fine with us, too. Free software such as FileZilla or Fetch allow users to use a ‘drag and drop’ method for uploading files.

If you’ve new to using FTP to send print production files, just let us know. Our team can guide you through the easy process.


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