December 17


2013 postal standards announced for folded self-mailers

At HPG, we’ve noticed a steady uptick in business mail. And so has the postal service. The volume of folded self-mailers in particular. It’s no mystery why. Not only are folded self-mailers an efficient way to use business mail, but customers are getting very creative in how these mailers are produced.

We think printing creatively is great – especially when it comes to getting noticed and increasing direct mail effectiveness. That is, providing the mailer makes it through postal machines unscathed.

That’s why HPG has a team of Certified Mail Design Specialists on premises to help make sure your business mail arrives at its destination looking just as good as it did when you printed it.

Beginning January 5, 2013, the US Postal Service has announced it will officially begin enforcing new specifications for FSMs (folded self-mailers). These revisions will help reduce mailer damage while supporting creative presentations. Even better, businesses can save with economical postal automation rates when they abide by the new 2013 folded self-mailer rules:

  • 6-inch x 10.5-inch maximum size
  • 3-ounce maximum weight
  • New paper weight specifications (70# for 1-oz, 80# for up to 3 oz.)
  • Modified folding and sealing requirements

Confused? We can help. Our Certified Mail Design Specialists can help make sure your next folded self-mailer looks great –and meets the new postal standards.


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