January 8


Plan ahead to reduce your print budget

Did you know that every time you print a commercial print job, you pay pre-production charges?

By ganging all these sales sheets at the same time, our client saved almost $5,000!

By ganging all these sales sheets at the same time, you can save time, money and print greener!

It’s true. Fees such as file prep and make-ready charges are the price you pay for print runs. Avoid these charges – and save energy as well as materials and money — by running several jobs together at one time. This is called “ganging jobs,” and we’re all for the practice!

January is a good time to plan for the year ahead. Look ahead by the month, the quarter, or the year. What standard printing needs can you group or gang together?

Here are more ways to save money through gang printing:

  • Print as many pieces as possible on the same stock. Since most paper stocks have a minimum order, using the same paper for multiple items will also provide savings.
  • The materials don’t necessarily need to be single sheet print jobs, or even look the same. As long as they all use the same type of printing, you can gang the lot of them together and save your company money.
  • Choose a “house stock,” a high quality “house favorite” paper that your printer keeps on hand. Since your printer buys it in large quantities, this stock is an economic option. At HardingPoorman Group, for example, our house stock is a high quality, bright white recycled paper – and one of the best buys!
  • Ask your rep for other ganging ideas that suit the needs of your business.

Plan ahead in 2013, and reduce your bottom line, your carbon footprint AND your timeframe!


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