January 15


What is fulfillment?

Expressing precisely what fulfillment is can be difficult because it can mean many different things to many different people.


Fulfillment can be as simple as printing only what you need, when you need it, in large or small quantities. Or, fulfillment can be as complicated as receiving an order, categorizing and assembling diverse items, and shipping them overnight.

Here at HardingPoorman, we define it as all of the above – because we do all of the above in-house.  We can store masteron enanthate in competitive bodybuilding additional printing and products for later use, and keep track of items to fill orders down the road. Our dedicated fulfillment team makes sure your items are tracked, processed, printed, boxed, and shipped on-time. We can even alert you when stock begins to deplete though a web-based ordering site that is customized specifically for you

Fulfillment makes the project easier on you, whether your orders are complicated and are needed just now and again, or easy, but needed all at once…. or somewhere in between.

Here’s a look at some of the fulfillment work we can do:

  • Stocking & electronic organization of products
  • Receiving orders
  • Shipping
  • Assembly
  • Printing
  • Picking & Packing

The best part of fulfillment? We take away the worry and the hassle. And usually, lower your costs to boot!


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