February 21


Maximize your media mix


What’s interesting about new media are the creative paths businesses and marketers are finding to take maximum advantage of the new ways to communicate. Print is still the communication foundation in our multi-media environment. Print plus — digital, mobile, and social media — can prompt consumers to react to your product or organization in the way they prefer.

Instead of throwing every cool new technology into your marketing mix, combine various media based on their reach, frequency and response rate. But first – understand your customers and use the communication tools that best suit them. Then, take a fresh look at your creative approach and budget and see what you can do to maximize your media mix.

How do you begin? Consider establishing contact by mailing a customized postcard or self-mailer that drives the reader to a personalized URL inorder to track what their interests are.

Getting good results. Knowing your target audiences’ gender, age, and income statistics can help guide your efforts, but understanding what your prospects care about is more important.

  • Make sure your content is consistent in message, look and feel across print and digital platforms
  • Connect each element of your cross media campaign to a measurable goal. For example, your direct mail piece will target “X” number of hits on your website, and the website might drive “X” percentage of visitors to request more information
  • Measure your results in each media so you can fine-tune your next campaign

It’s easier than you think to connect with your customers in new ways. Talk to HardingPoorman about adding interactive media to your next campaign.


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