February 7


Zero Defect Program Provides Continuous Improvement

Everybody makes a mistake now and again, but when companies invest time and resources in huge direct mail orders or oversized signage, even small mistakes can be too costly to shrug off.

That’s why HardingPoorman put a Zero Defect Program in place.We understand that our mistakes can be costly for our clients, whether it is soft costs or hard costs (like fines from the FDA).


Here are some of our Zero Defect Program quality assurance procedures that help verify and protect every printing job we produce:

  • Pre-press validation – provides electronic files and hard copy proofs to client for sign off before any printing
  • Bindery folder camera verification system – detects improper page orientation, sheet back up and blank pages
  • Inserter match mail – this direct mail verification system matches personalized letters with envelopes, finding mismatches, doubles and missing information
  • Inkjet verification – confirms every record in files have been imaged
  • Saddle stitch signature recognition – this system prevents pages from duplication or wrong order before stapling them together

With our Zero Defect Program, HardingPoorman helps get the big and little details right.  


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