March 5


5S helps guide HardingPoorman


Maybe you’ve heard of the guiding principles of “5S.” Often used in benchmarking safe and efficient workplace practices, 5S is the foundation of process improvements such as Six Sigma, Lean, and TQM.

Using the principles of 5S can help identify and remove the causes of errors and variability in business practices. It provides a simple framework for systematic workplace organization.

Why “5S?”

The five “S’s” refer to five Japanese concepts, each beginning with the letter S:

  • Sieri/Sort: sorting or removing what is not needed
  • Seiton/Set: setting items in order, defining a place for everything
  • Seiso/Shine: thorough cleaning, painting, repairing, fixing
  • Seiketsu/Standardize: defining process and ownership
  • Shitsuke/Sustain: self-discipline, checklists, scoring, feedback, actions

Besides helping to organize our huge inventory of inks, presses, paper stock, bindings, DVDs, CDs, mailings, raw materials, and customer projects, HPG’s 5S process improvement system establishes a clear understanding among employees of how work should be done.

As an Indianapolis commercial printer, HardingPoorman has used the 5S process for years: meeting goals, establishing standards, sustaining quality control systems, and keeping us working at peak efficiency.


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