March 12


HardingPoorman Recertified for Color Management


HardingPoorman has officially completed the IDEAlliance G7 Master re-certification for offset printing and proofing.

“G7 Master” status is granted to physical facilities qualified to use the G7 Proof-to-Print Process and uses the most modern technology, techniques, and press controls to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

What does this mean for you?  It ensures that certified printers are able to produce the very best color to the highest standards.

The Master G7 program is very highly regarded in the printing industry. Less than 3% of all commercial printers in the United States are G7 certified.  HardingPoorman is proud to among this elite group.

Special appreciation goes to Robert Burger (Pressroom Manager) and Deniece Pride (Prepress), who together, organized and managed the calibration data, proofs initiatives, and submission processes.

HardingPoorman is pleased to appear in The Official Directory of IDEAlliance Certified Experts, Professionals and Qualified Masters.


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