April 10


Working together with Providence Cristo Rey

Our Providence Cristo Rey intern Janese joins us one day a week at the front desk

Our Providence Cristo Rey intern Janese joins us one day a week at the front desk

Janese Williams is a standout sophomore at Providence Cristo Rey High School. She is also a standout receptionist at HardingPoorman, where she works with us each Thursday. A part of our corporate community outreach and a mentoring partner, HardingPoorman and Providence Cristo Rey High School team up in many ways. One way we partner is having students like Janese work in our organization, learning about business and helping them fund their school costs.

Working part time, Janese is learning quite a bit about corporate culture and the printing business. We have found Janese to be an excellent writer in addition to being a good steward for her school and a terrific part time receptionist. She wrote the following blog for us:

High School and Working for HPG

Being a sophomore in high school might seem challenging, but in all reality it is not.  When you look at most high schools you would think Providence Cristo Rey High School (PCRHS) is the exact same, not quite.  What makes my high school different and unique from others is the fact that we teamed up with many corporate companies, such as, HardingPoorman, Doyle Legal, St. Vincent Hospital, etc.

I have been working for HardingPoorman for almost two years and if I must say, choosing to work for them was the best decision I have ever made and I’m only sixteen years old.  The people here at HardingPoorman are amazing and hard-working.

We, as a group, know how to manage out time wisely and multi-task when we work on big projects, typing, or taking a call.  Our main goal as a company is to give the clients what they want and how they want it!  Also, because of HardingPoorman, I have grown into a very mature, young adult.

 -Janese Williams, Sophomore and Receptionist


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