May 9


7 Strange Things We Print On!

Photo Sepro2

Thanks to UV inks, technology and a mesmerizing world of creative ideas, what you can print on these days is virtually unlimited!

HardingPoorman has been working on some truly imaginative projects lately. Not only do we have conventional UV offset presses that allow us to print on some pretty strange substrates, but we also have a wide format UV press that can print on super-thick substrate materials up to 2.5” thick! It’s true. We can print on virtually any type of material with amazing results, including:

  • Holographic stocks
  • Vinyl (flexible and rigid)
  • Plexi-glass
  • Cardboard
  • Foils and metallic stocks
  • Nylon, canvas and cloth
  • Foamcore, Gatorboard and even PCV

Got a new substrate you’d like to try printing on? We can test it out! What’s your next big idea?


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