May 6


How We Use Technology to YOUR Advantage


At HardingPoorman, the more printing we can get from each press sheet, the better our pricing. And the less paper waste there is in every printing run, the better for the environment.

That’s why we use planning software. Our sophisticated planning software was developed specifically for our industry and customized specifically for us.  This program helps us determine the best way to print multiple projects on the same sheet and create the least amount of waste. By running multiple print jobs simultaneously, HardingPoorman reduces human error, reduces the amount of time our presses run, and saves everyone on materials and labor.

We use this software in two important ways. Not only do we use it on print-ready projects, but we can also use it when do upfront pricing estimates for our clients.

On longer print runs, the software’s recommended changes in job layout can save literally thousands of sheets of paper. That makes good sense for our clients and the environment.

Next time you need a printing estimate, you’ll know you are saving time, money and printing greener, all right here at HardingPoorman.


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