May 16


What is drip marketing?


The concept actually comes from the world of horticulture. Instead of overwhelming a the dry soil around a crop with water, farmers often set up irrigation systems to “drip” water on plants to keep them optimally and continually moist. Drip marketing works in much the same way.

Drip marketing applies a steady stream of marketing such as email, mobile and direct mail to cultivate a client relationship over time.

With its longer time framework, drip marketing is ideal for multi-part sales and products with higher price points.

In general, only 13% percent of your prospects are ready to buy at any one time, drip marketing is a great way to build brand recognition, educate, promote goodwill, and establish prospect trust in your product or services. According to statistics, 22% will buy eventually but need more time.  When they are ready to make the purchase, you want them to buy from you and drip marketing can help.

Want to increase your sales? Print is a compelling place to start. Use the power of print to energize your drip marketing efforts.


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