June 26


How long does it take to print a brochure?


Of course, the answer begins with, “That depends….”

It is true, it depends on many choices for your brochure, for instance:

  • The SIZE of the finished product (standard sizes print faster than specialty sizes, which must be trimmed, adding a step to the process, which takes additional time).
  • PAPER SELECTION. Specialty paper takes extra time to order.
  • PROOFING.  PDF or electronic proofs move through production faster than hard proofs which have to be physical delivered and signed off on by hand.

If you have a quantity of 2500 brochures or less that are 8 ½” x 11″ flat size that can print on a digital machine (toner based), your brochures should be easily completed in 2-4 days.

But what if you require an offset press for a more complicated brochure? If your brochure is printed on a commercial offset press because they require a coating, special ink, or you need a large quantity, 7-9 days is standard.


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