July 15


More examples of specialized coatings – gloss over matte effect

We have had a lot of interest in creating the “glossy on matte effect” (in the printing world we call it the “Strike Through Effect” or the “Dry Trap Effect”.  We recently wrote a blog on the subject.  But here are a few more visual samples!


On this 2012 Colts Media Guide the cover has a matte finish and is coated with a “Soft Touch” coating that gives the paper a velvet feel.  The NFL logo needed to stand out, so on this project we used a clear foil stamp to create the high gloss NFL logo.  Using a clear foil stamp is an effect way to produce the gloss over matte effect if you are wanting only a small area on 1 page to have the high gloss.  If you have a larger area or areas on multiple pages that you would like glossy, you will want to go a different route in order to be cost effective.


On the above annual report project, our client wanted a cover that would stand out.  They decided to add the gloss over matte look to their design to give the piece a wow factor.  Of course photos showing this effect do not do it justice :( but this project turned out really well.  The overall cover is printed on a matte paper with a matte coating.  The wave graphic in the middle has a spot gloss coating applied.  This graphic and gloss coating continues on the back of the cover as well.  Since this is a large area, the best way to get this effect was to create it directly on the offset press as we were printing the covers.  We first print the graphics with CMYK ink – as we do with all printing.  We then apply the spot gloss coating followed by an overall reticulating dull coating.  We were able to print this cover in one pass on the press – which is the most cost effective way to get this effect!



On this project, the gloss over matte effect is created using a special printing plate.  This design requires the specialized plate because of the intricate details of the design.  Not only is the center of the flower high gloss, but also the veins in the petals.  This printing technique is more of a financial investment due to the specialized plate that is needed, but it creates a jaw dropping effect that is not easily looked over.


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