August 22


3 Print Marketing Myths Revealed

We recently came across this article at that addresses common myths associated with printing.  Here are a few that jumped out at us:

Myth : Print is Bad for the Environment

This is one of our big blogging topics and over the many discussions we think that says it best.  Watch this video to learn more.

Myth : Print is Ineffective

Another hot topic for us.  We ARE in the digital age and businesses need to be smart about their marketing.  Study after study has shown that when print is used properly the return on investment (ROI) can be great!

We recently wrote an article on What is the ROI on Direct Mail that gives statistics on direct mail marketing.

We have also recently featured this fun infographic on print!

Print Infographic
Print Infographic

Myth : Electronic art is Interchangeable with Print Ready Art

YES, the most effective marketing is cross platform marketing that promotes the same message on the electronic channels and the print channels.  BUT, that does not mean that the art files that you set up for one channel can immediately be used for the other.  There is a reason that some designers are “web designers” and others are “graphic designers”.

Here are some tips on print ready files :


The key takeaway is make sure you have all the facts and research what is the best options are for your project and marketing efforts – choose the right path for you.  Don’t automatically rule out print.  It does still have its advantages!


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