August 29


Digital Marketing vs. Print Marketing


When is it better to use digital marketing?

What are the advantages of print?

What is the ROI of digital versus print?

Which has the highest response rate?

These are all of the questions that today’s marketers want to know.  It is a new game in marketing these days.  No longer does the company with the largest wallet win.  It is now the company with the largest brain, the one who can get the biggest impact that ends up on top.

We hope this information will help shine light on the advantages and disadvantages of both digital marketing (such as email, social media, blog, website, mobile, apps, etc.) and print marketing (such as direct mail, print advertisements, brochures, etc.)

Digital Marketing


  • More economical
  • No postage
  • Immediate delivery
  • Immediate metrics


  • Flat / 2 dimensional
  • Lower conversion rate
  • Short life span (electronic communications get “buried” very quickly)


Print Marketing


  • 3 dimensional
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Long life span
  • Difficult to copy


  • Financial Investment
  • Production Time
  • Metrics are difficult to track

Conclusion:  Both Digital Marketing and Print Marketing have their advantages.  Why not get the “best of both worlds” and create a cross media campaign that delivers your message to your target audience in the way they like to receive their information.

In this study from Harvard Business Review, the statistics show that a cross platform marketing strategy will yield the best response rate and the highest ROI than any channel alone.


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