September 9


3 Reasons to Choose a Green Printing Partner


Logically it’s clear that the print industry has been affected by growing environmental concerns in recent years, as debate grows about protecting forests and reducing dangerous chemicals in the environment. It’s simply better for printers to become leaders in the green movement rather than resisting it.

HardingPoorman firmly believes that we must be stewards of our environment, and we have made a commitment to being the cleanest, greenest business we can be. We’ve taken many steps to  go green, chief among which was becoming the first business in Indiana to purchase 100 percent green power, and one of only the first five businesses in America to do so.

But as a customer, how does this benefit you? Why should you choose a green printing partner over another option? There are many reasons, but three stand out.

Help the Environment

By working with green printing organizations, you are playing a role in conserving, rather than depleting, natural resources. The more people – and businesses – who think this way, the healthier our environment will become.

One way to help is to work with companies who recycle materials such as cardboard, aluminum, metal and plastic, which reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. Another helpful move is to work with printers who replace toxic ink with 2% VOC soy inks, which help cut down air emissions.

It’s also important to partner with printers who go beyond the green printing process and go green in the office as well, by eliminating the use of chemical-based products linked to toxic waste that are typically not recycled, such as Styrofoam.

Meet Government Standards

The greener a business becomes, the less need there is to deal with bureaucratic requirements. For example, at HardingPoorman our move to 2% VOC soy inks has reduced our emissions to the point that we no longer are required to file for air permits.

Joining the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership also helps meet a growing list of government standards that will inevitably affect all businesses. This partnership allows companies to say they work with regulators at helping improve the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A business that acquires various environmental certifications, such as paper chain-of-custody, helps other businesses that want to tell their clients they work with partners who protect forests and promote sustainability.

Build a Clean Image

With growing concern in society over toxic pollutants caused by industrial processing, taking a proactive stance on promoting eco-friendly practices now goes a long way in establishing credibility with consumers. Partnering with a green printing company is just one example of how you can directly participate in the green revolution.

You can gain further environmental credibility by offering a recycling bin at your facility, using on-demand printing instead of mass production, and encouraging your clients to use paper products more efficiently.

Going green is simply the right thing to do, both from a moral standpoint and as a business decision. It helps to protect our fragile environment, it eases dealings with government regulators, and it can make your business more attractive to potential customers. And by taking steps like choosing a green printing partner, it’s easy to get started.

Image source: NASA


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