February 10


MEET THE TEAM – Jim Horton


This is Jim.

Jim works in our wide format division.

Jim touches almost every wide format project that leaves our shop, whether it is a banner, poster, outdoor sign or trade show booth. Jim is truly a Jack Jim of all trades.

Jim is certified by the DNR as a Master Naturalist and is our current Green Team chair.

In his spare time, Jim goes by the name of Indiana Jim ( http://www.IndianaJim.org ), educating Hoosiers about reptiles & amphibians. He currently has over 60 reptiles & amphibians living in his home!

Fun Facts about Jim:

  • His favorite band is Steely Dan.
  • Jim has gone to Costa Rica two times in search of rare wildlife.
  • He has over 35 different animal species at his home
  • He has been in the graphics industry for over 21 years

The next time you have a wall graphic, indoor sign, oversize banner or other wide format piece installed by us, Jim will more than likely be there! So, don’t forget to stop him and say “hi.”


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