September 25


Print Show -n- Tell: Unique Annual Report

We recently completed a very unique annual report.  The designers did an amazing job creating a one of a kind booklet.  We want to share it with you.  Take a look at this Annual Report that features what we are calling a “staggered 12 panel fold-out cover”.


This is a photo of the book as it rests.  Looks interesting enough, right.



As you can see the cover is very unique.  It has 7 different sized panels that fold out to reveal the full message.

Here is a photo of the cover fully extended.SideView


Technical Stuff:   

    • 8 inch x 8 inch perfect bound booklet  
    • 12 panel staggered cover
    • 56 pages text
  • Challenges:   How do we attach the unique cover to the book
  • Color must match perfectly on the pieces that will be printed at multiple times  
  • The cover – folding must be perfect in order for the message and the bands of color to line up.



    • Created a standard 56 page perfect bound book with a standard cover   
    • Created a 12 panel folded pieces that matched perfectly  
    • Glued the 2 completed pieces together to form the unique bookletTextPages


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