September 17


What is UV Printing?


In the digital age there is a lot of emphasis placed on digital solutions, but every good business owner knows that printed products are still a vital part of modern business plans. That doesn’t mean businesses are restricted to traditional printing methods, though – there are new ways to create modern printed materials to match the advances in digital technology.

UV printing is one of these newer methods, a high-tech, modern printing tool that goes above and beyond the capabilities and quality of traditional printing.

The key difference between UV printing and other printing methods lies in the ink that’s used. Ultraviolet printing involves a special ink, rather than the solvent-based inks used in traditional printing processes. This changes the drying process entirely. UV inks are cured by UV light and dry very quickly, whereas other inks dry by allowing chemicals in the ink to evaporate over a longer time period.

So why use UV printing? There are a number of benefits to the ultraviolet printing process that set it apart from printing with traditional inks. For one, the difference in drying techniques makes UV printing much more environmentally friendly than traditional printing.

With solvent-based inks, many harmful chemicals are released into the air during the drying period, until the ink is dry. Since UV inks are cured quickly using ultraviolet light, virtually no chemicals are released during the process.

UV printing is also much faster than printing with traditional ink, again due to the differences in the drying process. Instead of having your printed materials sit and wait until the solvent-based chemicals evaporate, your product can be cured quickly, and then move to the next phase of production.

Materials produced using the UV printing process are much more visually appealing. The UV process results in more sturdy materials, with an enhanced, attractive sheen. Coloring on UV printed products is also more potent and powerful, as the quick UV drying process prevents colored ink from settling into the stock.

And if that all wasn’t enough, UV printing actually saves you money. There are no man-hours spent waiting for the ink to dry, and the natural sheen and sturdiness which result from the UV process eliminate the need for costly added coatings. No drying time or coatings means that your printed products will be ready more quickly, and for less money.

The UV process is the wave of the future in efficient, effective printing technology. Thanks to UV printing, you can get more attractive printed materials at a lower price-point, all while going green by avoiding traditional inks. With so many benefits, the UV method of printing is truly a win-win proposition for businesses and printers.

Image source: Wikimedia user Anakin101


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