October 14


Paper that turns SEE THROUGH with pressure.


We have been hearing a lot of hype about the new “design collection” from Neenah so we requested a swatch book and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Neenah has taken 11 brands and put them all together to make up their “Design Collection”.

We are very familiar with many of the brands like ESSE and EAMES (which are 2 of our favorites).


BUT there are some that we are not so familiar with…MOONDREAM in particular!

Here is the scoop on MOONDREAM.  As described by Neenah, it is “an innovative and technically advanced paper hat becomes translucent with heat and pressure and is ideally suited for sculpted multilevel embossing.”  In plain terms, it is white paper that turns see through when you emboss it!  BRILLIANT!

The photos above on the left shows the embossed stock in the book.  The photo on the right shows the embossed stock when held up to the light.  Pretty neat…at least we think so!  We really hope we get a chance to print something on this stock soon!  And of course, we will tell you about it when we do!


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