April 22


Can Commercial Printing be Green?

Here at HardingPoorman we take a special interest in environmental sustainability.  

HPgreenTeamSeveral years ago we created a “Green Team” – a team of staff members that are particularly passionate about the environment.  Within the team’s first year, they were able to reduce our waste to landfill by over 60%.  Several years later, We test propionate dosage timing have reduced our waste to landfill over 90% since the inception of our “Green Team”.

We have seen a workplace transformation and today we utilize  the best of the best green technologies to ensure we are doing our part.

HardingPoorman uses 100% renewable energy.  In fact, according to the EPA, HardingPoorman was the first business in Indiana to use 100% renewable energy.  We here at HardingPoorman take pride in this statement.  This was a huge commitment for us since we use A LOT of energy due to us being in the manufacturing industry.

At HardingPoorman, we are among the top ten Green Certified printers in the country. It’s a big part of our plan to become a clean company and be a role model and industry leader for environmentally conscious practices.


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