July 31


Effective Communications with Digital Media


HardingPoorman’s newest offerings : Digital Media

You might be asking yourself – “What is digital media?”

Since media are plural the proper question is really – “What are digital media?” The world is in the middle of a digital revolution and with it, a new period of humanity known as the Information Age. Piloted in by the Internet and personal computers, digital media are any media created on computers or  media that is machine-readable. Digital media can be viewed, distributed or modified on computers or electronic devices.

Humans use media as a tool to communicate and digital media is becoming more and more popular since computers and electronic devices are everywhere. Modern TVs surf the web, cell phones consume more data than phone calls and print media is now frequently being complimented by digital media.

Cisco Systems predicts that video will be in the range of 80 to 90 percent of global consumer traffic in the near future. In 2013 video made up 53% of mobile traffic. The conversion of regular media to digital formats is happening rapidly. The real value and opportunity is taking advantage of these new capabilities and interacting with a larger audience to add to your communications plan.

Written by John Wheeler, Creative Director of Digital Media at HardingPoorman


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