October 8


Guaranteed Perfect Printing – Every Time

Did you know that HardingPoorman has a quality assurance plan in place for our customers? We call it our Zero Defect Program, and we instituted this careful plan of action to help verify and protect every printing job you do.

When you are ready to print with your brochure or direct mail campaign, for instance, you have already invested huge amounts of time and money creating, planning, researching and producing your piece. You don’t want a small mistake to delay your efforts – or even worse, cause a re-print.


Our Zero Defect Program is a carefully managed quality assurance procedure that helps protect against mistakes at every step of the printing process.

Here’s how HP’s program works before, during & after your print job:

  1. Pre-press validation – HP provides electronic files together with hard copy proofs for client sign off before printing begins
  2. Inkjet verification – confirms every record in your printer file has been imaged before our printers roll
  3. Bindery folder camera verification system – When you are binding pages together, proper page orientation is key. Our camera double checks numerical order, sheet back up and makes sure there are no blank pages
  4. Direct mail verification – This HP system matches personalized letters with the correct envelopes, finding mismatches, and keeping doubles or envelopes with missing information from getting mailed
  5. Saddle stitch signature – this recognition system prevents duplicate or mis-ordered pages from printing before stapling them together

Small mistakes can make big trouble with budgets, timing, and reprints. HardingPoorman’s Zero Defect Program, helps get your printing job done right the first time.

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