May 16


HardingPoorman Launches Digital Media Division

HP_DigitalMedia_Outlined3-1As part of our long-term strategy to ensure continued growth, HardingPoorman is excited to announce an expansion of our services with the addition of Digital Media. This new Digital Media division allows for a more complete graphic communications solution which will include video production, e-marketing, and web development.

“From the onset, our vision has always been to compliment print with digital media delivery,” commented HardingPoorman President, Steve Anzalone. “Although we will continue to offer a wide array of print, we see digital media as a natural expansion of our product portfolio.” Anzalone added. “HardingPoorman will be the leader in this category while continuing to serve our base of customers using tactile print.”

HardingPoorman has hired Digital Media Specialist, Joseph Cady and Creative Director, John Wheeler to help service our expanding client base.  Together, Cady and Wheeler have over 50 years experience in the digital media industry. HardingPoorman is excited about the opportunity to expand our offerings to include digital media services in an ever-evolving industry.


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