March 12


MEET THE TEAM – John Wheeler


This is John.

John is part of our Digital Media Team and works as our Video Production Creative Director.

John has over 25 years experience in the video industry and has done just about every job including writing, shooting, editing, producing, and directing.  He has shot video in 38 states and on 4 continents. 

Fun Facts about John:

  • His favorite movies are Apocalypse Now and The Usual Suspects
  • John enjoys cyclocross in his free time and rides between 100-200 miles on his bike each week AND has broken over 15 bones from the sport
  • He has hung out at Donald Trumps house
  • John’s friends call him “Wheels” – maybe because of his last name or maybe because of his love of biking, or a little bit of both

If you are looking into our Digital Media services, more than likely John will be somewhere in those conversations. Make sure you tell “Wheels” you have read all about him on our blog!


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