March 30


Make images jump off the page with 3D UV Printing

You’ve probably heard of 3D printing. You’ve probably heard of UV printing.

But have you heard of 3D UV printing?

These days it’s incredibly hard to grab attention with your print media. The trend is to print shorter runs that are laser focused to your targeted audience. To do so, the printed piece must be that much more impactful. 3D UV offers that impact and is surprisingly affordable, especially on short runs.

Unlike spot UV coating, which is a liquid applied to designated areas of a page, 3D UV is a polymer that is applied in various thicknesses. This creates a vivid and tactile experience for your intended audience. There are a range of looks you can achieve by deca’s muscle-building potency varying the depth, as you can see with the enclosed cards. Neither you nor your audience will be able to resist picking up the piece!

A few technical points: 3D UV will add 5-7 business days to the production timeline; estimates are figured on the amount of polymer used so the art file is necessary for estimating. HardingPoorman will need to be involved in file prep to ensure achievement of your desired effect.

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