November 23



As one of the most recognized commercial printers in the mid-west, HardingPoorman does much more than print paper or apply ink to plastic or any other material a client might request.  HardingPoorman has found ways to print indelible messages that matter on the hearts of those involved with causes that are aligned with it’s core values and Riley Hospital for Children is a company-wide soft spot.


The Annual HOPE HAPPENS HERE luncheon presented by the Riley Children’s Foundation, was held Novemeber 13, 2015 at the Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana as Riley Children’s Hospital celebration of hope and life. 

As a sponsor of the HOPE HAPPENS HERE luncheon, HardingPoorman printed HOPE IN COLOR 2016 calendars as a fundraiser.  All luncheon attendees also received a calendar for their support throughout the year.


Although widely known as a premiere printer on traditional mediums, it’s printing what matters most to HardingPoorman. @RileyKids @HardingPoorman


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