May 28


ROI on Social Media for Businesses

Social media is here to stay is your business taking advantage of this “free” medium to increase its brand awareness?

If the answer is no, it is a missed opportunity and is likely getting your company overlooked by potential clients. The million dollar question regarding social media is always “How do we make money on social media?” The honest answer is… you don’t.


Social media is advertising on a grass roots level. Unlike advertising, where a company has complete control over how their brand is viewed, social media allows individuals with brand experience to shape the brand image. For a business to enter social media it takes a leap of faith, people feel more empowered to express their opinions than ever before and negative comments happen with any business. When that opinion is published for the world to read the brands reputation is critical. Loyal brand users will defend the brand which is more valuable than the brand defending itself.

Involving a company’s staff in social media can be a scary prospect, again because of lack of control. But if initial parameters are clearly defined and expectations are managed, it can be a very rewarding prospect. Who better to know a brand than those directly associated with the brand? Think of employees as the foot soldiers in a brands social media army. Allowing staff to be a part of a social media campaign can also have a positive effect on how the staff views a company, which will ultimately make them better employees.

The key to any social media campaign is discipline and consistency. If you decide to give a business tip every Monday, stick with it. Your friends or followers will begin to look forward to it and expect to see it. Consistency is what builds a social audience, social media is the new water cooler and if your feed has useful or interesting information people will want to hear it and follow you.

Article written by John Wheeler, Creative Director, HardingPoorman


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