September 6


Holiday Promo Bells are Ringing!

Now's the Time for On-Time Holiday Promo & Apparel

You might not be in the spirit yet, but with the current supply chain woes, it’s important to get started. HardingPoorman is here to help you navigate your holiday promo and apparel shopping. And we’ll start you off with five things for you to consider as you plan:

  • BRAND REPRESENTATION - Do you want a generic or a brand name item? If brand name, now you’ve got 2 brands to think about: yours and the product’s. And how would you like to weigh those 2 brands in terms of prominence? We can help you think through how to best utilize your own company’s branding (see Decoration below). The point is — you’ve got options.
  • AVAILABILITY - As we said, in today’s climate, the sooner you get started the better. We’ve got access to thousands of items and can help you make sure when the time comes, you’ve got something for everyone.
  • DECORATION - Whether you’re choosing a brand name or generic item, you want your company’s branding in the right spot. You want it to be noticed, but not so prominent that people won’t use the item (e.g. jacket with a massive “Bob’s Septic” logo on the back). And oftentimes, items (or packaging) can be personalized in several ways: Laser Engraving, Etched, embroidered, etc.
  • PRESENTING - Will your team, clients, and/or prospects be receiving the item Onsite or Remotely? If presenting them in person, you’ve got opportunity to talk them through its meaning. If you’ll be sending them, it could make sense to have an accompanying printed piece and/or packaging that communicates your unique values in a meaningful way. What is the entire experience you’re after?
  • BUDGET - This, of course, takes all the others into consideration. Your budget helps us make decisions when it comes to packaging, brand name vs. generic, types of decoration, and more. We’re here to help you get the right items at the right time so you end up both on-trend, on-time and on-budget.

So let’s start a conversation now about the holidays! We’ll give Santa’s elves a heads-up.


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