• Customer Information

  • Name of company project was completed for
  • Summarize what the customer does. The following points are a good basis: What type of business is it and what do they do? Who does the business serve? What is their target demographic? Where is the business located?
  • Case Study Info

  • There are no hard and fast rules about discussing our customer’s challenges. It could be three to four sentences or more. What’s important is identifying the significant challenges that our customer had been facing and discussing how they negatively affected their sales, revenue, growth, etc.
  • This is where we show how we eliminated the challenges of our customer with our specific product/service. Mention every improvement we made for the customer.
  • The case study results section should discuss percentages, year-on-year increases, number of new clients for our customer, money saved, accolades received, number of increased leads, etc. This is where we show off what we can do for prospective customers who are reading the case study.
  • Please add some sort of direct quote from the customer.