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Printing today is much more than just ink on paper.

HardingPoorman's Komori Press

HardingPoorman's Komori Press

HardingPoorman's Heidelberg Press

HardingPoorman's Heidelberg Press

For decades, commercial printing has been the core of our business. And in that time print has continued to evolve and change, as has the role it plays in modern brand communication. Printing today is much more than just ink on paper. Rather print plays a key tactile role in a company’s brand experience, providing high-quality brand imagery that can include multi-sensory experiences in touch, feel, smell, personalization, and even mobile engagement. With these new technologies, commercial printing today can be more flexible, sophisticated, engaging, integrated, and customer-intimate than ever before.

In today’s hi-def world, HardingPoorman has stayed in stride by producing a print quality that in itself could be considered hi-definition. Through an off-set process that utilizes stochastic screening we are able to produce quality that rivals that achieved in conventional printing. This process actually increases the light that reflects back to the eye so you can see a noticeable difference. With this process overseen by a world-class, certified color management team, you are assured a print product of the highest level.

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Image quality can be further enhanced through UV printing. Ultraviolet (UV) printing is the process of using UV inks instead of traditional inks. Traditional inks are solvent based and dry by allowing chemicals to evaporate over time. UV inks are dried (cured) with UV light. This process of quick drying the inks does not allow much time for the ink to soak into the stock, resulting in a harder image with a brilliant sheen. Additionally, there are virtually no chemicals (VOC’s) realized into the air with this process.

But our commercial print capabilities don’t stop with brilliant, breath-taking, full-color imagery. Additional choices in coatings and materials can provide enhancements designed to stimulate a full range of senses in communicating your brand.

These include:

  • Raised texture UV printing
  • Printing on plastics and substrates
  • Soft-touch and other tactile coatings & varnishes
  • Matte and gloss varnish options
  • Textured varnishes
  • Eco-friendly papers and inks
  • Anti-microbial coatings
  • Scratch n’ sniff scented coatings
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Despite today be primarily a digital world, research has shown that print is still the most trusted channel in marketing.

You can trust that HardingPoorman has what it takes to make your brand communications be the best they can.

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