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From print-on-demand items to kitted products, the experts at HardingPoorman make fulfillment easy no matter what your product is. Whether orders are placed through a user friendly storefront, or an automated batch upload via secure FTP, our robust fulfillment software gives you control with inventory monitoring and usage reporting 24/7.

Additionally, our climate controlled warehouse is centrally located, allowing fast delivery to the majority of the country in three days or less. And our systems are fully integrated with multiple logistics carriers. This allows us to offer multiple shipping options while remaining competitive on freight costs.

You guys are FANTASTIC

You guys are FANTASTIC (no, I’m not yelling, that’s a compliment) on dates, so while I can appreciate that this is a convenience for her, it’s not a fire from a due out perspective.

Take care and thanks for letting us know.

P.S. Tell Liz her “annual hug” is going to be expected one of these days-lol.

Tom Pflueger Manufacturing Coordinator, SDI


  • 29,000 square feet warehouse
  • 99.9% pick/pack accuracy
  • Centralized location allows maximum of 3-day ground shipments within US
  • Climate controlled
  • HIPAA Compliant, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, cGMP compliant
  • Custom kitting, packaging, and distribution
  • Expandable teams for rapid launches
  • Return management processing
  • 100% green energy & sustainable best practices

Integrated e-Commerce Storefronts

  • Tailored to the client’s needs
  • Ability to connect with other platforms and intranets through API
  • Secure database and payment processing
  • Custom reporting
  • 24/7 access
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All of this ensures that you get the right product delivered on-time with quality assured.

And that’s a fulfilling experience.

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