HardingPoorman Promotional Products follow our proven process designed to help you determine the best promotional and apparel solutions.

  1. Defining Business Objectives: What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Educating Clients: Evaluating and communicating available options to achieve solid results.
  3. Creating Solutions: Based on client input, objectives, and goals.
  4. Delivering the Solution: How, where and when needed. On budget and on-time.

Our promotional items & apparel services include:

  • Over one-million different product options available – strategically
    sourced to find the right solutions
  • Thousands of name brand items available
  • Global sourcing for large orders
  • Custom product sourcing
  • Robust web storefronts – integrated fulfillment reporting
  • Data security
  • Local decoration nationally to reduce shipping and turn times
  • At least end quantity pricing (EQP) for all products
  • Financial strength to serve your needs
  • In-house fulfillment
  • In-house custom packaging creation
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Dedicated sales representative with twenty-five plus years of promotional and apparel industry experience

You guys are FANTASTIC

You guys are FANTASTIC (no, I’m not yelling, that’s a compliment) on dates, so while I can appreciate that this is a convenience for her, it’s not a fire from a due out perspective.

Take care and thanks for letting us know.

P.S. Tell Liz her “annual hug” is going to be expected one of these days-lol.

Tom Pflueger Manufacturing Coordinator, SDI

Do your promotional materials help your brand stand out? Do they make a positive and memorable impact with your audience? Do they adequately reinforce your brand values? Do they evoke energy and excitement around you brand? If you are uncertain about any of these, let the brand pros at HardingPoorman see that they do.

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Whether it is promotional merchandise or apparel, HardingPoorman can help your brand hit and stick to the right targets.

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